If only I could've worn 100 Wedding Dresses for my big day!

The wedding dress. The most important item for any woman's big day. It's all about the dress! And what pressure to find the perfect one!? 

I love fashion and trying to find the perfect dress within my budget was a difficult and daunting task for my own wedding. I consider myself trendy but winded up going with something more traditional as I didn't want to look back on my wedding photos 10 years from now and say "what the heck was I thinking?" However, the fashionista in me wishes I just went for it and picked the dress that screamed 2012 (the year I got married). 

Regardless, I cannot live in the past but hope to have multiple vow renewals in the future with my husband so I can wear one of these fabulous dresses: (I know a bit excessive!)

I love that anything goes today and that color is becoming more popular! A mint green or blush dress is absolutely gorgeous and untraditional! I also love that the backs of most dresses are more beautiful than the front! And when sleeves seemed so dated they are becoming  a stunning, classy, sexy option!

Whatever you decide, remember to pick something that you feel gorgeous in, comfortable in (trust me--it's a long day), and that best represents you! What you think you want, may not be what looks best on you so check out these tips and good luck dress hunting:

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Whether you're hosting a party at your home or at a restaurant, it's always nice to personalize the party with a signature cocktail. You can simply pick out your favorite drink and/or work with a mixologist to come up with something one of a kind!

However, a newer trend is setting up "drink stations". We've all heard of a food station so why not make a drink station?! You can have a beer station, mimosa bar, sangria bar or how about a hot chocolate bar?! It is so cute and will definitely wow your guests!

If you're hosting your own party and are not sure how much to buy, below is a good rule of thumb:

Happy Hosting!!

Photo booth's are the new black!

It seems photo booths have meandered their way into being a staple at any party. And why not? Guests love it, its a fabulous way to entertain every one, and both you and your guests get to keep memories of the day.

There are so many companies that now supply photo booths which typically includes a traditional booth, photos, props and a booth operator for the day of. It's a seamless service which is perfect for the host that does not want to worry about anything, however, it can be costly.

For those on more of a budget or looking to put a little personalized stamp on their day you can DIY. There are so many inspirations out there and here are a few of my favorites:

You can also buy pre-made back drops such as on theknot.com, Oriental Trading co, and even Target!

Props are super easy to make and one of my favorite tutorials is: http://thebudgetsavvybride.com/diy-photobooth-props/#_a5y_p=3326043

So start thinking about your next Photo Booth and then strike a pose!

Wow Factor: Lighting!

Lighting finishes a room in your home so why shouldn't it at your party? People under estimate the value of lighting at an event but it can truly create the vibe you're going for. Whether you want to warm up a space or transport your guests to another dimension...lighting will take you there!

String lighting has become ever so popular...I bet you have a set somewhere in your house whether it be for holiday decorating or backyard fun!? Why not repurpose it and string it up for your next event? It is relatively inexpensive and as long as you have some hooks and a ladder anyone can install it. You can even mix and match your string lights to give more dimension in your lighting. 

Marquee lights have become a new trend too. You can find initials at Kohls, Michaels and most home stores. They're great for adding a personal touch in your home but can also be a wow factor at your event. Whether you want to spell out a word, your initials, name, quote....anything goes! They can be perfect for your guests to use as a photo op, but most of all a centerpiece at your next event. 

Chandeliers are timeless and add glitz and glam to any space! You're better off renting them from a rental or lighting company who will deliver and install them for you but the possibilities are endless. You can cluster them together or hang a large one as a statement piece.  I love chandeliers in outdoor spaces such as the photo below. It feels so wrong but looks so right!

When it comes to lighting, think outside the box such as the photo below. Finding the right lighting decor can really wow your guests and make your event epic! 

Hottest Trends: Marsala!

And no I'm not talking about the chicken dish.

Every year Pantone comes out with their color of the year and for 2015 it's:

It's quite a versatile color and can pair well with any season. Whether you want to incorporate it into your fashion for your event, your decor, flowers or makeup this is the years trendy color! What's nice is most beauty and fashion lines will feature this color in their new products so you shouldn't have a difficult time finding it. 

Here's a few Marsala inspirations:

Location is Everything: Backyard Parties

Who hasn't seen Father of the Bride and wished their wedding was in a backyard?

There is something about backyard weddings and parties that ooze charm and intimacy. 

If you're thinking of hosting a party in your backyard or one of your lovely family members or friend's yards there are a few things to consider.

The pros of a backyard function is that you are not paying a venue fee, however, renting tables, chairs, linens, tents, etc can set you back just as much, if you're not careful.

Re-using items you already have inside and outside of the home such as a dresser as a dessert table can create a fun and eclectic vibe. Laying down blankets or bales of hay as seating is cost effective and unique!

Another thing to consider is your town's ordinances and by that I mean noise complaints! It may be worth it to get a permit for the few extra hundred dollars so you don't run into any issues with law enforcement and you keep your neighbor's happy :)

The nice thing about a backyard function is you can dress it up or down any way you'd like. It's a natural space to make your own. 


DIY: Balloon Tassels

DIY is increasing in popularity...especially when it comes to party decor.

Whether you are the thrifty bride or mom that wants to put on that perfect birthday party for your child, DIY decor can save you a little or a lot of cash!

I am personally a huge fan of DIY, partly because I like to think I'm crafty and who doesn't love a challenge? With the invention of ETSY and Pinterest, DIY tutorials are never ending and great for the lot of us that don't mind getting our hands a little dirty. 

My newest obsession are the mega balloons with tassels. They are such simple decor but can make any wedding, birthday, shower or corporate event stand out! 

You can buy tassels online at ETSY or even oriental trading company which range from $7-$60 per tassel but if you have the time and patience, why not make it yourself? 

All you need is the tassel material (plastic tablecloths, tissue paper, fabric-the possibilities are truly endless), scissors, glue and string.  

There are a ton of tutorials online to help guide you-one of my favorites is: http://www.thecasualcraftlete.com/2014/07/03/diy-tissue-paper-tassels/?crlt.pid=camp.YAxcUh4a5EnJ

I can't wait to start mine and to see yours!

Desire, Inspire, Admire

Aren’t these the three quintessential verbs to describe anyone planning a fabulous party-whether it be a wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate event?

Well all DESIRE things. It is part of human nature and how fun would life be without it? Desire  is what drives us and incites our passions. It’s what turns our dreams into realities.  It is what makes your milestone event into a celebration.  

You are INSPIRED by your imagination, other events you’ve attended and/or ideas you’ve come across that you’d like to incorporate into your party. Inspiration is what excites us all and it is one of the most important aspects of party planning.

We’d all love our guests to ADMIRE our hard work and have the time of their life at our celebration. That’s the end goal, isn’t it?

BTC events started this blog because we desire, inspire and admire everyday people like you and love the endless possibilities of event planning.

As President of this company I am excited to share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations with you.