Buttercream, Cream Cheese, Fondant...Oh MY!! Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes. An important aspect of any wedding. The cake tradition dates back hundreds of years ago starting in Ancient Rome. It didn't start out as the cakes we now know.It was usually a piece of bread of pie that the groom would break over the bride's head to symbolize the loss of her virginity and the grooms dominance over his bride.

Sounds like every modern brides nightmare! Crumbs in your hair and being submissive. Where do I sign up? Thank god tradition has evolved over time!

Wedding cakes have become so popular they are now the stars of their own reality shows. Brides and grooms are tasked with the decisions of picking what they like or what they think guests will enjoy. Do you forfeit flavor for design or vice versa?

There are so many flavors, fillings and frostings to choose from and while it can be overwhelming start with a budget! The more design, the more money. Most importantly, go with your heart's desire because you only get one wedding cake!

Some newer trends are the naked cakes (without frosting) or the roughed up buttercream. Here are some cakes to inspire you: