Stop & Smell the Roses: A Guide to Paper Flowers

They may not smell like real flowers but heck they look pretty darn close to it!

Check out these paper flowers and see how you can incorporate it into your next event:

You're probably thinking right about now...yeah they look great but how could I ever make them? Well if you have even the slightest crafty bone in your body then you are in luck. There are hundreds of paper flower tutorials online (check out pinterest), and if you have the time and patience you can truly make your event look amazing and for very little money. You can use them for bouquets, back drops, center pieces and even napkin holders!

The pros to making paper flowers are that they are extremely inexpensive, plus your saving money on florals and can reuse them for another party! However they are time consuming so give yourself ample time to play around with them and start off with an easy flower to make.

One of my favorite tutorials is:

I promise you the paper cuts will be worth it!