Let them eat Cake!


For those of you with a sweet tooth this is the part of the meal we are truly looking forward to. 

Kick tradition out of the window with some of these takes on a wedding cake:

If you love Oreo's, donuts or macaroons-why not make them your main event!?

A newer trend are the naked cakes...which is essentially a cake without frosting. I personally love it and think it would be an awesome option for a garden or rustic themed party however if you're a frosting fanatic you may want to skip this trend....

Another take on desserts for parties are stations. We've all heard of a viennese station or even an ice cream bar but how about these unique trends:

Last but not least, if you're having a children friendly party why not serve some good ole milk and cookies (I bet the adults eat them too!!)

Not only do I love eating desserts but I love the creativity that goes along with it.

Hope these ideas inspire you to think outside the cookie jar!