DJ vs. Band

Decisions, decisions and more decisions when you're planning an event!

And one of the most debated is a DJ vs. Band. 

Both are great entertainment options so lets explore these two a little further:


  • Typically more cost effective than a band
  • You can play all your favorite tunes just as they were recorded
  • Can add on a lot of extras: such as lighting, favors, live musicians to accompany the tracks
  • Comes with an energetic MC that is great at keeping the party flowing and making all of the necessary announcements


  • Can range in prices 
  • Live music-who doesn't love that!?
  • Adds more ambiance to the dance floor with live musicians
  • Can create a more formal look to your event
  • Room for versatility with the music since it's being performed live.

Whatever you decide ....just make sure you hear their music firsthand so you can be assured it fits with your personality and most of all your event!