Wow Factor: Lighting!

Lighting finishes a room in your home so why shouldn't it at your party? People under estimate the value of lighting at an event but it can truly create the vibe you're going for. Whether you want to warm up a space or transport your guests to another will take you there!

String lighting has become ever so popular...I bet you have a set somewhere in your house whether it be for holiday decorating or backyard fun!? Why not repurpose it and string it up for your next event? It is relatively inexpensive and as long as you have some hooks and a ladder anyone can install it. You can even mix and match your string lights to give more dimension in your lighting. 

Marquee lights have become a new trend too. You can find initials at Kohls, Michaels and most home stores. They're great for adding a personal touch in your home but can also be a wow factor at your event. Whether you want to spell out a word, your initials, name, quote....anything goes! They can be perfect for your guests to use as a photo op, but most of all a centerpiece at your next event. 

Chandeliers are timeless and add glitz and glam to any space! You're better off renting them from a rental or lighting company who will deliver and install them for you but the possibilities are endless. You can cluster them together or hang a large one as a statement piece.  I love chandeliers in outdoor spaces such as the photo below. It feels so wrong but looks so right!

When it comes to lighting, think outside the box such as the photo below. Finding the right lighting decor can really wow your guests and make your event epic!