If only I could've worn 100 Wedding Dresses for my big day!

The wedding dress. The most important item for any woman's big day. It's all about the dress! And what pressure to find the perfect one!? 

I love fashion and trying to find the perfect dress within my budget was a difficult and daunting task for my own wedding. I consider myself trendy but winded up going with something more traditional as I didn't want to look back on my wedding photos 10 years from now and say "what the heck was I thinking?" However, the fashionista in me wishes I just went for it and picked the dress that screamed 2012 (the year I got married). 

Regardless, I cannot live in the past but hope to have multiple vow renewals in the future with my husband so I can wear one of these fabulous dresses: (I know a bit excessive!)

I love that anything goes today and that color is becoming more popular! A mint green or blush dress is absolutely gorgeous and untraditional! I also love that the backs of most dresses are more beautiful than the front! And when sleeves seemed so dated they are becoming  a stunning, classy, sexy option!

Whatever you decide, remember to pick something that you feel gorgeous in, comfortable in (trust me--it's a long day), and that best represents you! What you think you want, may not be what looks best on you so check out these tips and good luck dress hunting: