Time to drink champagne & dance on the table!

Well maybe you don't want your guests dancing on the table, especially if you rented or purchased beautiful table linens. 

At first glance, you might say-who cares about table linens-the standard white is fine! However let me point out that table linens can really give a party some character. 

Renting table linens can become costly depending on the size of your guest list and the fabric that you choose. Some options to keep the cost down is to go with a really loud fabric, enabling you to spend less on florals (because lets be honest-no one is looking at your flowers with these linens):

Or if you have a smaller guest list and you or a family member/friend is good at sewing --you can purchase some fabric and make your own.

On the other hand, a table runner on rectangular tables is always a cheaper option and can also give dimension to your table and add the character you want:

Whichever you decide, its important to think about your overall theme and how you would like your party to be presented. Linens are just one small detail but can be a huge impact! Happy designing!