DIY: Balloon Tassels

DIY is increasing in popularity...especially when it comes to party decor.

Whether you are the thrifty bride or mom that wants to put on that perfect birthday party for your child, DIY decor can save you a little or a lot of cash!

I am personally a huge fan of DIY, partly because I like to think I'm crafty and who doesn't love a challenge? With the invention of ETSY and Pinterest, DIY tutorials are never ending and great for the lot of us that don't mind getting our hands a little dirty. 

My newest obsession are the mega balloons with tassels. They are such simple decor but can make any wedding, birthday, shower or corporate event stand out! 

You can buy tassels online at ETSY or even oriental trading company which range from $7-$60 per tassel but if you have the time and patience, why not make it yourself? 

All you need is the tassel material (plastic tablecloths, tissue paper, fabric-the possibilities are truly endless), scissors, glue and string.  

There are a ton of tutorials online to help guide you-one of my favorites is:

I can't wait to start mine and to see yours!